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The project starts with the creation of a board game, we wanted to create something from nothing, but based on different board game mechanics that players love.

It all started with an idea, that we could create an entire universe based on the stories we love, from various sources of media including books, television series, movies, comics and eventually from other video games, without necessarily having to do the same thing that made those titles famous. Some of the titles that we used for creating the story are anime titles as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Cow Boy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist,  Lain, Naruto, One Piece, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note and Bleach. We also used some references from sci-fi movies we love, like Star Wars, Interstellar, Star Trek, Fifth Element,

Covalent is an idea that completely goes out of the ordinary, it is an idea based on general features of our greatest games from our childhood through all these years of development in this great industry of entertainment. Many people think about strategy games like Starcraft, age of empires, Warcraft, and even action games like call of duty, Halo, final fantasy, modern war (…) by their story and amazing gameplay.

In Covalent, the plot unfolds in a distant future (but the game itself is developed in different ages of that world), following an apocalyptic event on a planet similar to Earth, where the player will find a vast world full of stories, personalities, creatures, and portals to other worlds.

Additionally, the plot involves different social, economic, physical and natural aspects, which will be reflected in the world of Covalent, and will be part of several seasons that will be discovered year after year. We believe this Project must combine different gale mechanics also since players can explore different environments, have a second sci-fi life, live an untold story and finally socialize and compete with other players.


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